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About ValYou Products Pvt Ltd

ValYou Products was Founded In the year 2009 by Mrs.Ambuja Shreenivas Murthy along with her husband Dr. Shreenivas Murthy. The Company situated in South Indian State – Karnataka and it is established with an aim of bringing about a positive health culture and awareness about healthy living. The company manufactures Noni juice and provides the customer with perfect blend of Noni extract with Amritha Balli (Tinospora Cordifolia), Ashwagandha and other Herbal health promoters.

Researches have found out that Noni contains over 165 Nutraceuticals required for the well being of the body.

Noni is a boon to Mankind.

Range of health boosters exclusively for your every need

Wonderful Cusomers & Counting
Diseases healed
Hours of Hard work

Meet Our Directors

“Health for everyone and Happiness everywhere. ValYou products is my vent to achieve this noble goal”​

Dr. Sreenivas Murthy, Managing Director

“Health for everyone and Happiness everywhere. ValYou products is my vent to achieve this noble goal”

Ambuja Sreenivas Murthy, Founder & Director

Quality Our Obsession

“Severe back pain, Body pain, Stress, strain were troubling me. Amrith Noni gave absolute relief from stress and stain, and my body pain and back pain are considerably less now”.

Lalithamma, 62 years, Hunkod

“I had hypertension, skin disorder, anaemia, and I have been taking Amrith Noni for the past 3 months, and my hypertension reduced and my skin disorder and anaemia are less troublesome than before”.

Nagaraj TG, Kerehalli, Soraba

This was a dream come true for me. I always wished that someone should do this service to revive Ayurveda and help society. Form growing to ready to drink stage under one roof is really commendable. Krishna Farm and Nursery people are highly appreciable.

BHM Darukesha, Scientist, ISRO

“My menstrual pain was my nightmare and after Amrith Noni I am the most comfortable girl now!

Sheetal, Age 14 years, Bangalore

“I was affected with knee pain for many years and after taking Amrith Noni for 4 consecutive months I am so much relieved of the pain now that I walk for 3 to 4 kilometers a day!”

Manjunath, Shimoga

Meet Our Team


Chief Executive Officer


Chief Operating Officer

Chandra Mohan

R&D Head


Media Consultant


Marketing & Distribution Head

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