Researches have found out that Noni contains over 165 Neutraceuticals

required for the well being of the body.


Noni is a boon to mankind…

Why not make use of it and be healthy…?

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Amrith Noni D-Plus

The dreaded problem Diabetes is on the increase globally. And the need of the hour is to stop its progress through natural means. In this context ValYou Products has brought Amrith Noni D- Plus. The formulation is formed in consultation with doctors and researchers.

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Amrith Noni Power Plus

Introduced for the first time – a unique unmatched formula of high concentration of Noni fruit extract, Amritha, Garcinia and Ashwagandha & Amla. Contains no sugar. Suitable for all age groups and all categories of people (excluding infants pregnant women).

Rejwin Soap

Amrith Kesh Taila

Nourish your hair to flourish…!

Unmatched herbal combination of proven herbs to prevent hair fall, premature greying, dandruff. Keeps the head cool and gives lasting glow to your hair.

Amrith Noni Artho Plus

Amrith Noni Artho Plus is an innovative herbal combination to heal the inflammatory processes. The challenge of treating autoimmune disorders like Arthritis is growing more and more difficult thanks to the modified modern lifestyle and lack of substance in diet. Amrith Noni Artho Plus fits into this domain with all its powerful healing properties.

Amrith Noni Sthree Sanjeevini

Sthree Sanjeevini made with special concern for women and girls who really need to get rid of those pestering healing problem. The herbs used in this special combination are known to be the choicest Ayurvedic prescriptions for women related health issues.

Amrith Pain Oil

Amrith Pain Oil

A Herbal formula for faster relief from pain and local inflammation. Contains well known herbs with anti inflammatory action. Made from the advice of Ayurvedic experts, Amrith Pain oil excels in its action to relieve pain.

Rejwin Soap

Rejwin Noni Soap

ValYou Products is planning introduce more products with the wonder fruit Noni extracts. Some of them are Noni Soap, Noni Shampoo, Noni pain killer oil, Noni hair oil & Noni face pack, Noni soft drink, Noni ointment for skin diseases and noni for kids.

Rejwin Young Soap

Rejwin Young Soap

Rejwin Young is rich with Noni and Aloe Vera. The hand crafted soap is made with special care to retain the healing properties of the herbs. On regular usage of Rejwin Young you will experience a very rejuvenating bath and younger looks!

Rejwin Young Soap

Rejwin Glow Soap

Rejwin Glow is rich with Noni and Tulasi and Neem. The hand crafted soap is made with special care to retain the healing properties of the herbs. On regular usage of Rejwin glow heals your skin and prevents skin diseases. A unique healing bath to your skin everyday and lifelong!

Enjoy more health with every sip of Amrith Noni: You Need It, We Gladly Provide It.

Our #1 priority is you, the consumer. We believe in our product and hold ourselves to the highest standards. We truly care about your health as much as you do, which is why we offer the best product possible.  You can count on us.

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My Dream

“Health for everyone and Happiness everywhere. ValYou products is my vent to achieve this noble goal” – Ambuja Sreenivas Murthy, Proprietor, ValYou Products

Why Noni?

If you are not somehow up to the mark,
If you don’t feel somehow happy,
If you are not well mentally or physically,
If You Care About Yourself
Then… AMRITH NONI is your Key!
We could not resist the desire to go for the health promoter when we saw a great variety of health disturbances from which the people are suffering and the burden of medical expenses that everyone is experiencing! We are more than satisfied if our sincere effort serves to alleviate this condition.


Health will be bestowed on those who are wise and aware of their body’s requirements.
Be aware and be healthy

“It was Amrith Noni, I must say, that has given me so much of stamina…”

“It was Amrith Noni, I must say, that has given me so much of stamina, freshness in the morning & real energy to dance. The beauty is that it has even reduced breathlessness that is common to dancers. My common cough and throat disturbances are gone now and I am feeling vey much more enthusiastic!” – Kalamandalam Usha Datar, Famous dance director, Datar Institute of fine arts

“Severe back pain, Body pain, Stress, strain were troubling me. Amrith Noni gave absolute relief from stress and stain, and my body pain and back pain are considerably less now”.
Lalithamma, 62 years, Hunkod
“I had hypertension, skin disorder, anaemia, and I have been taking Amrith Noni for the past 3 months, and my hypertension reduced and my skin disorder and anaemia are less troublesome than before”.
Nagaraj TG, Kerehalli, Soraba
This was a dream come true for me. I always wished that someone should do this service to revive Ayurveda and help society. Form growing to ready to drink stage under one roof is really commendable. Krishna Farm and Nursery people are highly appreciable.
BHM Darukesha, Scientist, ISRO
“My menstrual pain was my nightmare and after Amrith Noni I am the most comfortable girl now!
Sheetal, Age 14 years, Bangalore
“I was affected with knee pain for many years and after taking Amrith Noni for 4 consecutive months I am so much relieved of the pain now that I walk for 3 to 4 kilometers a day!”
Manjunath, Shimoga

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