Amrith Noni

Amrith Noni is the Noni juice made from the finest quality Noni fruits. Very careful selection of fruits and the utmost care taken during its preparation makes it the most effective Noni juice. Amrith Noni is also the most economical and powerful natural health promoter for the health seekers. This, as unbelievable as it is, is made possible by its rich micronutrients like anthraquinones, beta-carotene, calcium, magnesium, pectin, potassium, proline, protein, proxeronine, Proxeroninase, scopoletin, all the B vitamins & antioxidants like vitamin C etc etc.

The major health benefits of Noni are considered to be because of Noni’s capacity to enhance the production of Xeronine in the body. The body produces xeronine in order to activate enzymes to regulate and give structure to proteins. Xeronine is produced in the body (large intestine) from the building blocks Proxeronine, Proxeroninase and Seratonin. Proxeronine should be supplied from food that we take. However poor growing methods, soil depletion and environmental degradation etc have reduced xeronine building blocks in our food. This grave situation has made Noni juice as the only choice for building healthy body and in fighting the diseases.
Noni is the only herb which is known to selectively promote the Cox 1 enzyme (Good Enzyme) concentration in the body and inhabit the Cox2 enzyme (Bad enzyme) which causes pain and inflammation.

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Amrith Noni

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Benefits of Amrith Noni

Although the fruits of Noni are somewhat tasteless and have an unpleasant smell, they are processed without disturbing its nutritive and medicinal properties to make it pleasant to drink. Noni is one of the most important botanical remedies and food supplements traded on the international market. The fruit, as found in many studies, modulates the immune system for the better. Amrith Noni creates a sense of well being when taken regularly.

The qualitative tests of Amrith Noni exposed the presence of number of chemical components such as alkaloids (xeronine), coumarin (scopoletin), iron, potassium, calcium, sodium, anthraquinone, cardiac glycosides, etc. Various documented effects are already suggested for these compounds/minerals:

  • Alkaloid: Mainly xeronine type of alkaloid has been reported in Noni. Xeronine is suggested to enhance the protein build up and enzyme activity, however the researches are underway to substantiate the proposed effects of xeronine and pre-xeronine.
  • Coumarin: Scopoletin type of coumarin is found in Noni. Scopoletin is reported to dilate the vasculature; therefore, lowering blood pressure, Scopoletin has been proved for its activities like anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, histamine-inhibiting etc. It is said to be useful in arthritic conditions, allergies, sleep disorders, migraine, headaches, depression, Alzheimer’s disease etc.
  • Cardiac glycoside: Cardiac glycoside is suggested to nourish the heart, so this formulation should be good for both cardiac muscle and flow of blood in the heart.
  • Anthraquinone glycoside: This glycoside is reported to be useful for enhancing the intestinal activity.
  • Polysaccharides: Glucuronic acid, Galactose, Arabinose, Rhamose, Glycosides, Trisaccharide, Fatty acid, Ester etc.; As per the research works already done, they act as immune modulators, immune stimulants, anti-bacterial, anti-tumor etc.
  • Vitamins and Minerals: By the tests done in the laboratory the presence of vitamin C, and minerals like calcium, magnesium, potassium, selenium, copper, zinc etc are found. Vitamin C, apart from its antioxidant (anti aging) properties, is a very good preservative as well. It is also used in scurvy, gum bleeding and wound healing. The minerals & vitamins are essential for normal body physiology because of their important curative and pharmacological effects.
  • Amritha or Amritha Balli (Tinospora cordifolia) is an extremely popular traditional Indian medicinal herb which has a very long and a very powerful healing record. It is claimed to be especially effective against broad range of viral infections like H1N1, Bird flu, Influenza, etc. and very powerful immune booster, youth builder, and stress reliever for the mind and body. It is also a well known anti diabetic herb like Sapthachakra, Eugenia jambolana but more powerful. It is believed to enhance the healing process in cancer patients.
  • Ashwagandha: This herb popularly known as Indian Ginseng has a very wide range of medicinal uses and a commonly prescribed herb for improving vitality, removing lethargy, relieving body pain and as total re-vitalizer and unlike ginseng Ashwagandha has a prolonged effect in bringing overall well being. As a stress reliever, and energizer, Ashwagandha is par excellent. For children as a growth promoter Ashwagandha is a well-known supplement. Amrith Noni power plus contains Ashwagandha to bring an all-round improvement in the person taking it. To gain weight in children who are slow in gaining weight Ashwagandha has been much recommended.
  • Jambolana: Anti diabetic and anti Ulcerative effects of Eugenia Jambolana is well proved. It is a widely known folk medicine for Diabetes. Researches have been conducted on its effects on carbohydrate metabolism (Source:
  • Stevia: It is a very popular replacement for sugar and has proven safe for Diabetics and dispenses with the need for sweetening agent with an additional benefit of its curative properties.

Many researchers all over the world have done extensive research on Noni (Morinda Citrifolia) and the results are more than convincing.