The Industry

The desire to go for the health promoter lead to the research team and a panel of Doctors to decide upon the best combination of products to bring forth a very customized health supplements. They are meant to cater to the variety of health disturbances from which the people are suffering from and the burden of medical expenses that everyone is experiencing!

ValYou Products as a quality conscious company never compromised on quality of its products. The industry has been hygienically well maintained with dust and insect proof manufacturing hall, reverse osmosis water purifiers, gas Steamers, boilers and indigenous supply of noni fruits is ensured for better quality and sustainability.

The GMP Certification and AGMARK Certifications have added feather to the cap of the company in proving its quality consciousness.

The lush green Noni plantation cultivated by ValYou Products. The plantation is meticulously maintained to ensure the highest quality plants to bear the required quality fruits.

The workforce has been given adequate training and instructions to maintain the required production standards.

The machinery used is of high standards in conformity with GMP Certification requirements.

The ValYou Products takes care in providing proper working environment to ensure higher working standards.

The final packing procedure after the products go through stringent quality checks.

What others say

“I feel very happy that Amrith Noni is made with utmost sincerity as to its preparation and a very deep concern for the public”.
Dr. Sanjay, Principal, ALN Rao Memorial Ayurvedic Medical College Koppa, Karnataka State.

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