Experiences by K. E. Jayaram

Experiences by K. E. Jayaram

I am 72 years old, a diabetic since 1988. Last year in around July I suffered from Urinary Tract Infection, marginal enlargement of both the kidneys, borderline enlargement of prostrate glands, very high blood sugar and also E-Coli Bacteria.

I was hospitalized twice in Chennai and Bangalore. I was administered high dosage of insulin. This continuous dosage of Insulin led to Hypoglycemia and I was admitted in an unconscious state.

The super specialty hospitals conducted all sorts of tests (Necessity or Unnecessary), which resulted in huge expenditure plus physical and mental torture. Then I decided to switch to Ayurvedic treatment.

Accordingly I visited Narasipura in Shivamogga district and started Ayurvedic medicines. I was introduced to Mr. Srinivas Murthy of Value products who manufactures Noni at Shivamogga. I took a bottle of D-Plus and was surprised to find positive results within a month.

Noni has done wonders. My appetite was increased. My digestion was improved and I am able to sleep well. Now, it is four months since I switched to herbal and Ayurvedic method of treatment.

Since Shivamogga and Noni have given me a second lease of life, I have migrated to Shivamogga and I am also actively involved in developing the market for the wonderful health drink NONI.

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  1. My blood sugar level was very high,after using Amrith noni it has reduced within normal range.
    Also i feel active whole day.

  2. This is Nayana from Doddaballapur.

    First I would like to thanks to entire team of Amrith noni. It’s amazing product. My Mother Vijayalakshmi age 56,having Athritis (joint Pain) problem from past 3 years. All types of treatment was given but they were of no use. She use to take daily 4 to 6 tablets. Without tablets she wasn’t able to lift a small glass also. Because of intake of heavy tablets she gained heavy weight, swelling in hands, fingers & also on face. One day I saw the article about Noni in some kannada news paper after that I purchased this product one and half month back. My mother started taking this juice daily in the morning with lukewarm water. Today she is not taking any tablets for artaritis. Now she is in good condition no swelling, no pain, & weight also coming normal.
    ” Noni is a miracle product”. It gives new life to my mother.

    Thanks to Amrith Noni.

  3. one should not discontinue the use of noni after you get a relief from arthritis pains.If you can continue to use for minimum period of six months and follow some safe diets then you will enjoy the life without pain.I advise arthritic patients to go for noni as long as possible.

  4. My mother 75 yeas old, she had knee pain and waist pain always she ware waist belt. Which Noni products she have to take.

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