I am 72 years old, a diabetic since 1988. Last year in around July I suffered from Urinary Tract Infection, marginal enlargement of both the kidneys, borderline enlargement of prostrate glands, very high blood sugar and also E-Coli Bacteria.

I was hospitalized twice in Chennai and Bangalore. I was administered high dosage of insulin. This continuous dosage of Insulin led to Hypoglycemia and I was admitted in an unconscious state.

The super specialty hospitals conducted all sorts of tests (Necessity or Unnecessary), which resulted in huge expenditure plus physical and mental torture. Then I decided to switch to Ayurvedic treatment.

Accordingly I visited Narasipura in Shivamogga district and started Ayurvedic medicines. I was introduced to Mr. Srinivas Murthy of Value products who manufactures Noni at Shivamogga. I took a bottle of D-Plus and was surprised to find positive results within a month.

Noni has done wonders. My appetite was increased. My digestion was improved and I am able to sleep well. Now, it is four months since I switched to herbal and Ayurvedic method of treatment.

Since Shivamogga and Noni have given me a second lease of life, I have migrated to Shivamogga and I am also actively involved in developing the market for the wonderful health drink NONI.